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Falmit Fibreglass & Personal Protective Equipment manufacturer, located in Meyerton, South Africa.

Manufacturing and supplying industrial & commercial safety products to mines and industry on the continent and Middle East. Falmit produces a range of products including safety device cabinets, riot equipment, mine site whip flags or aerials and PPE. We will also assist you with custom manufacturing specific items of fibreglass & PPE material.


Safety fits like a glove; Try one on.

Learn safety, teach safety and practice safety; Safety ever – accident never; Never give safety the day off! In many industrial concerns the person who actually procures the safety equipment is seldom the person who uses it, in fact they hardly ever even speak to one another. This presents a conundrum in common practice. Why is it that some of the most important decisions affecting both safety and productivity can often be left to a junior clerk who pretty much only knows that he or she has to keep to the all important budget – come what may.

Whilst most responsible Production Managers understand that safety and productivity go hand in hand the same managers are all at times pressured to take small risks just to reach that extra production target, not too unlike the cautious driver who, after being pulled over by the traffic police for speeding, by just 2km per hour, tries to justify the need for speed. Regardless of the need – they substantially increased the road risk for themselves and others. So too has the Production Manager exposed his organisation and people to increased risk.

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