Micro light helmet

Comes with or without communication system.

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Loading cape [blood_fat]

PVC Stitched and welded seams.

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Leather spat short with buckles or velcro

Chrome leather.

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Leather spat long with buckle or velcro

Chrome leather.

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Fireman helmet

Fibreglass shell and polycarb visor (3mm). Removable inner for easy cleaning.

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40 or 90 cal flash suit

Multi layered fabric construction.

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Beekeepers veil Jacket Trousers + Gloves

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Inspection mirror

Comes with clips for maglight

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Spray helmet

Disposable PVC visor. Material stiched and welded. c/w airline.

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Rainsuit Heavy duty

Made from 400g PVC. Seams stitched and welded. c/w reflective tape.

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Beekeepers veil Jacket + Gloves

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