Micro light helmet

Comes with or without communication system.

Loading cape [blood_fat]

PVC Stitched and welded seams.

Leather spat short with buckles or velcro

Chrome leather.

Leather spat long with buckle or velcro

Chrome leather.

Fireman helmet

Fibreglass shell and polycarb visor (3mm). Removable inner for easy cleaning.

40 or 90 cal flash suit

Multi layered fabric construction.

Beekeepers veil Jacket Trousers + Gloves

Inspection mirror

Comes with clips for maglight

Spray helmet

Disposable PVC visor. Material stiched and welded. c/w airline.

Rainsuit Heavy duty

Made from 400g PVC. Seams stitched and welded. c/w reflective tape.

Beekeepers veil Jacket + Gloves